Deliverables and Services

Sample of projects delivered to major manufacturing corporation.


  • MRP implementation with automatic replenishment for supply and demand and customizations to handle import transit containers.
  • Successfully salvaged failed GP implementations.
  • Developed project plan and approach in order quickly and intelligently reload failed GP 2015 implementation.
  • Launched manufacturing and all standard modules within 6 months.
  • Financial: Write balance sheets, P&L and other financial reports using Management Reporter.
  • Multicurrency set up, gain/loss, and setups across multiple currencies and companies.


  • SQL integrations using eConnect, Smart Connect, etc. Integrations to cloud-based and local applications such as  Replicon Time Imports, SAP, DataMasons EDI, Site Tracker for Wennsoft (Key2Act) job costing imports, WASP (supply chain database), etc.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

  • Bar-code scanning using Panatrack, Inventory and Asset Tracking, Custom SQL code with 3rd party vendors to handle special integration points.
  • Deploy and analyze workflows for scanning transfers, manufacturing receipts, put-away, sales shipments, returns, PO receipts, etc.
  • Import Electronic Data Interface (EDI) orders to GP 2015 and manage the integration work and traffic and workflows for EDI data for thousands of orders per day volume.
  • Assisted with the launch of EDI to major customers such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes.
  • WMS system, automate various manufacturing processes and distribution using GP Dynamics 2015 R2, with custom Visual Basic and SRS reports.
  • Custom reporting, KPI, and dashboards for warehouse and other operations.
  • Bill of Materials import tool.
  • Design manufacturing setups and configuration with routing, costing, and work center.
  • MRP (replenishment) using MRP and custom work using VB.NET to handle the In transit transfer module for MRP.
  • Custom processes that handle shipping, payments, and complexities related to overseas manufacturing and MRP/planning functions.
  • Upgrade two versions of GP, including fixing data and accounting setups to streamline and automate accounting during transaction entry.

Finance and Accounting

  • Create balance sheets, P&L, and other financial reports using Management Reporter.
  • Multicurrency set up and gain/loss and setups across multiple currencies and companies.